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I live in Northwest Arkansas and write science fiction and fantasy short stories.  Currently I'm working on a novel. 

 I also play the folk harp and entertain kids as a Juggler, clown, and balloon artist.

Thank you for coming to my website.  I hope you enjoy visiting and return often.

Behind The Stories

     Current projects:

1) To those of you who have been following the "Hunt Club" saga, the novella has turned into a novel.  I'm hoping to complete the manuscript and submit it to a publisher in the near future.   

2) I'm currently playing Irish music with the Northwest Arkansas Celtic Society.  It's a fun group with monthly sessions.  If you are interested in joining the fun, please drop me a line and I'll give you more information.  

3) I have two harp videos is completed and am working on a third. I'll try to post links soon.

4) I'm continuing the harp circle I started last year with four quarterly sessions.  If you live in my area and are interested, send me an e-mail.

Write Me

I hope you enjoyed visiting my website.  Come back again and watch it grow.  Feel free to drop me a line too, so I'll know you visited.  You can e-mail me at harpwriter@gmail.com .   


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